Captain’s Wharf Restaurant

Karl Gerber

January 1, 2023

Captain’s Wharf Restaurant – Vintage Los Angeles

Captain’s Wharf opened around 1969 in Marina Del Rey, California. It probably went out of business in approximately 1989. A restaurant may have operated on those premises until as late as 1999. The structure has been razed, and a large multi-unit residential dwelling occupies the site (the Esprit). The address no longer exists.

From 1999-2007 I had boats docked in various places in MDR. Nothing of any kitsch remained, and it was impossible to find the sort of real seafood you can get in Oxnard or Redondo. During that time the marina was redeveloped which meant building disinteresting multi-unit dwellings, improving the physical appearance of many of the docks, and destroying Fisherman’s Village. In 2009 I took my boating operations to Oxnard.