Latitude 20, The Tiki Culture

Karl Gerber

January 1, 2023

Latitude 20, The Tiki Culture – Vintage Los AngelesLatitude 20 was in Torrance. It had a large volcano in front. Because there is already so much information about the restaurant on the web, suffice it to say it has the best pictures and most information.

The tiki culture was prevalent in the South Bay. It appealed to conservative white collar aerospace workers. The heavy liquor, or hula excitement not in their lives may have been the attraction.

Latitude 20 actually does not make any sense. The latitude in Polynesia is 17. Torrance is in the 33 range.

Exotica and Polynesian culture made a come back in about 1995. I was set to open a lounge complete with surf bands, Martin Denny type vinyl, and period costumes until a large entertainment company rented the location out from under me. The tiki movement (mostly comprised of Genxers) just had their yearly convention in San Diego.