Paula Abdul Film From 1978,
Filmed At Sherman Oaks Junior High

Junior High School was shot in the Valley, and starred an unknown Van Nuys High School cheerleader at the time. Many of the scenes were filmed at Milikan Junior High in Sherman Oaks. I know this not only because I recognize the lunch bench area, the bricks, and other features of the place, but I have first hand knowledge of this one.

My sister’s friend was in the movie. I recall he, her, and their friends shoving this into our Betamax. I believe it was shown as a short film on, ON/TV and somebody in my family recorded it. Yes, my sister and this friend did go to Milikan in 1978. His cousin was behind this film. The cousin went on to do other films. The friend found his own fame, and is still in contact with my sister. The cheerleader went on to be known to the world as Paula Abdul. Yes, she is a true Valley girl. After Van Nuys High she went to CSUN. Add her to the list of Van Nuys High alums whom include: Norma Jean, Jane Russell, and her hubby Bob Waterfield.

Various sources claim Junior High was shot at Van Nuys High School (probably a mixup because Abdul was a cheerleader there at the time), Boroughs, and John Muir the later two in Burbank. One of the buildings in a PE scene is not Milikan.

Rumors claim this was a preview of a full length feature United Artists planned to fund.