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If you were laid off or fired because you're past your prime we are ready to sue for age discrimination. The only bad reviews we have are from people who were rejected during the screening process. 2,000 plus individual, well compensated clients who chose our law firm.

Age discrimination requires the employee suing is over 40. There must be evidence they were fired due to their age. Typical evidence includes: . being replaced by a younger person, often for less money. . ageist., offense remarks about the employee’s age . comments about the need to find a younger worker or workforce . a pattern of employees being fired or laid off due to age over 40 Even if some of these things occurred, it does not necessarily mean there is an age discrimination case. For example, if everyone in the workforce is over 40 it cannot be said the layoff was targeted to employees over 40; who else was there to lay off?

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Wrongful Termination Damages

If you were fired from a long-term job and are having trouble getting back on your feet we would like to review whether you were wrongfully terminated. Damages are especially high in wrongful termination cases when long term employees lose a job in an industry that has scarce jobs.

Some of our Wrongful Termination Settlements, as of late, are:

  • $200,000 for wrongful termination due to disability
  • $185,000 wrongful termination due to sexual harassment
  • $125,000 wrongful termination due to complaint of racial harassment

The value of a wrongful termination lawsuit depends on how quickly the employee finds a new job, the rate of pay at the new job, whether the employee suffered severe emotional distress, and the availability of punitive damages. Additionally, case values for settlements are based upon the likelihood the case will be won, and the employer’s ability to pay a settlement. We have been representing employees throughout all parts of the City of Los Angeles since 1993. Never, any upfront fees or costs. Only experienced employee attorneys. We aren't learning the law as we go along.

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You go to work when it's barely light outside every morning, work hard, do the job and then you are wrongfully terminated. You know where to call, the Employment Lawyers Group representing employees since 1993 without upfront fees or costs.

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Even employers in Beverly Hills create employment problems. We had a case against a large surgical practice for sex harassment to name a few. We represent employees who work for all types of employers. Local, international, even in exclusive industries. We look forward to helping you with your employment wrong.

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Well, we aren’t in Beverly Hills. We have been in our Sherman Oaks office, right over the hill, since 1993. Greetings from Downtown Los Angeles on a clear day. This picture was taken when we succeeded in a wrongful termination lawsuit. The company just didn't have the witnesses or documents to disprove the Plaintiff's allegations.

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