Los Angeles Employee Rights Lawyer

Navigating the legal aspects of employment can be complex. This webpage provides an overview of some essential employee rights and resources to help you understand your options.

Understanding Your Employee Rights

As an employee, you have certain legal protections in place to ensure a fair and safe work environment. These rights cover various aspects of your employment, including:

  • Wage and Hour Lawyer: You are entitled to be paid minimum wage for all hours worked, and overtime pay for exceeding a set number of hours per week (typically 40). Meal and rest breaks may also be compensated depending on your location and employer.
  • Sexual Harassment: Sexual Harassment unfortunately continues to effect people of all genders and gender identifications. The Employment Lawyers Group has tried and handled many cases for men and women involving unwanted sexual touching, sexual assault, sexual battery, quid pro quo sexual harassment done by managers, supervisors, and business owners. These days many sexual harassment cases also involve unwanted text messages and obscene pictures sent to cellular phones. Our work includes appeals concerning sexual harassment and life changing settlements.
  • Discrimination and Harassment: Federal and state laws prohibit discrimination based on race, color, religion, sex (including pregnancy), national origin, disability, age (40 or older), or genetic information. This includes protection from harassment of any kind.
  • Reasonable Accommodation: If you have a documented medical condition, your employer may be required to provide reasonable accommodations to allow you to perform your job duties. Examples include flexible work schedules, modified equipment, or accessible workspaces. However, most cases filed in court for employers refusing to reasonably accommodate employees involves employers who fired an employee for not coming back to work when they are out on a disability, FMLA, or pregnancy leave. Allowing time off for an employee’s medical condition and treatment are fundamental reasonable accommodations many employers do not properly handle.
  • Workplace Safety: Your employer has a legal responsibility to provide a safe work environment free from recognized hazards. This includes adhering to safety regulations and providing proper training for employees.
  • Wrongful Termination: Wrongful termination is a whistle blower tort. If an employee complains about their employer doing something illegal and they are terminated that might be wrongful termination. Retaliation resulting in a job termination is wrongful termination if it occurs because the employee exercised statutory legal rights and was retaliated for exercising those rights. Examples include job terminations due to the employee filing a wage claim, refusing sexual harassment, reporting an employer to OSHA, internally complaining to management or refusing to take part in illegal activities, taking a legally protected leave of absence for cancer, disability, FMLA, or pregnancy. Firing an employee due to an immutable characteristic such as gender, race, or religion is also wrongful termination. Wrongful discharge IS NOT about unfair job terminations employees do not agree with that do not involve one of the above.

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Employment Lawyer For Workers Compensation

If you are injured or become ill due to your work, worker's compensation benefits may be available to cover medical expenses and lost wages. However, worker's compensation is the exclusive remedy for most workplace injuries, meaning you generally cannot sue your employer directly.

There may be limited exceptions where legal action against an employer is possible. Consulting with an employment lawyer is recommended to determine if your situation falls under one of these exceptions, such as wrongful termination for filing a wage claim or severe workplace safety violations.

Disclaimer: This webpage provides general information only and should not be construed as legal advice. If you have specific questions or concerns about your employment rights, it's always best to consult with a qualified attorney.

Employment Lawyers Group Case Results (Some)

$18,402,868 Jury verdict for male visually harassed and subject to crude comments by a female manager

$1,150,000 Unpaid commissions of two plaintiffs

$875,000 For 4 oil field service industry workers whose times worked were not recorded on timesheets and were on-call

$800,000 Controlled stand by class action settlement

$800,000 For mis-classified independent contractors

$775,000 For small class action of employees not allowed meal breaks or cell phone reimbursements while caring for dependent adults

$750,000 Disability discrimination settlement for employee who had heart problems

$750,000 Sub-Minimum wage class action settlement

$675,000 Sexual harassment in a warehouse

$672,500 For sexual harassment at a truck stop

$539,584 Myles v. Wellpoint Termination of Employment Due to Disability and Workers Compensation Injury

$510,000 Class action settlement of 125 workers on overtime claims

$490,000 For sex and age discrimination of women

$465,000 Sexual harassment at a gas station

$450,000 Settlement for 2 on-call workers

$450,000 Paystub violations

$450,000 Being on controlled standby

$430,000 Settlement in 2024 dollars for a Los Angeles warehouse worker forced to violate her medical restrictions imposed by pregnancy

$400,000 Recovery following arbitration win for 4 employees who worked off the clock

$400,000 Following arbitration win for meal & rest breaks for 3 employees

$400,000 Off-the-clock work for 5 employees

$365,000 Vasquez v. Del Rio Sanitarium Pregnancy Discrimination Case - Following Jury Trial & Appeal

$365,000 Sexual harassment of a delivery driver

$365,000 After defendant lost their appeal - pregnancy case - Jury Trial

$360,000 For missed meal and rest breaks, and overtime for 3 employees, and PAGA penalties for less than 25

$350,000 To 2 employees in vacation rental business working off-the-clock overtime

$350,000 Due to fixed bonus pay not figured into overtime for a directional driller

$350,000 For controlled standby and overtime for one employee

$350,000 Nurse mis-classified as independent contractor who was on-call

$350,000 For directional driller whose fixed rate bonuses were not calculated into his overtime rate

$350,000 For 2 employees in the vacation rental business who worked off-the-clock, on-call & PAGA

$350,000 For prevailing wage and paystub itemizations

$315,000 Sexual harassment of a lesbian woman by straight man

$315,000 Sexual harassment of a pizza delivery driver

$307,345 For 2 hospital employees oncall

$305,000 Wrongful termination of 2 sales people

$305,000 For 2 IT trouble shooters oncall at a major hospital

$302,000 Controlled standby pay for two telecommunication workers in a hospital

$300,000 Verdict of punitive damages in wrongful termination case due to employee's refusal to work without rest breaks

$300,000 Post trial verdict for wrongful termination settlement and minor rest break violations

$300,000 Multiple Worker Claims for Unpaid Wages for Oil Gauge and Calibration Inspectors on Docked Coastal Vessels

$275,000 Unpaid minimum wage, overtime double and double time due to on call work for two technicians at a radio/television station

$270,000 Sexual harassment & employment termination

$260,000 For controlled stand by pay

$260,000 For sexual harassment in a supermarket

$250,000 For 2 oil field service technicians not paid overtime

$250,000 For radiology technician on-call and small PAGA group

$250,000 For whistle-blower about unpaid overtime

$246,000 Breach of fiduciary duty arbitration award involving disability discrimination

$232,000 Male on male sexual harassment won at a binding arbitration

$225,000 Sexual Harassment of a Waitress (No Termination Involved)

$225,000 For two kitchen workers sexually harassed

$225,000 Sexual harassment by store customers

$206,151 Larson v, VXI Same Sex Sexual Harassment

$205,000 Unpaid wages, overtime, labor code section 2699 penalties- arbitration award for multiple plaintiffs

$205,000 For multiple plaintiffs

$200,000 For on-call work, retaliation, forced to quit security officer

$200,000 For prevailing wage and FMLA violations

$200,000 For PAGA violations and sexual harassment

$200,000 Race Discrimination towards Latinos

$200,000 Acts of sexual harassment by CEO

$195,000 For Whistle Blower

$193,500 Sexual Harassment by a registered sex offender

$193,250 Sexual harassment by a sex offender

$190,000 Sexual Harassment in the medical coding industry

$190,000 Sexual harassment without a job termination

$185,857 Jewish lawyer discriminated against due to religion

$185,000 For sexual harassment of a woman 35 years older than the harasser

$182,500 Fired during cancer treatment

$180,000 Cancer discrimination and termination due to recovery from cancer

$180,000 Controlled standby pay claims of oil field service employee

$180,000 Controlled standby pay

$175,000 Sexual harassment lawsuit

$175,000 PAGA settlement due to missed meal and rest breaks in a hotel’s kitchens

$175,000 Failure to pay minimum wage & overtime of 3 strip club workers

$175,000 Unpaid overtime of 2 limo drivers of a small company

$175,000 Minor issues of pregnancy discrimination in fast food restaurant, lack of rest breaks

$175,000 Wrongful Termination of Financial Whistleblower

$175,000 PAGA settlement resort staff who worked off-the-clock

$174,250 Missed meal and rest breaks

$170,000 Off the clock work by nonexempt administrator at non-profit

$166,250 Racial harassment at a big box store

$165,000 Wrongful termination and whistleblower

$162,500 Failure to pay commissions, retaliation when went to Labor Board

$162,000 Sexual harassment at a home owner’s Association

$160,000 For 3 oil field employees denied meal breaks, worked off-the-clock

$160,000 Sexual harassment by managers of car lot

$160,000 Auto dealership sexual harassment by text message

$155,000 Whistle blower at construction site

$153,000 Camarillo woman demeaned due to her Christianity

$150,000 Sexual harassment to two kitchen workers at a resort

$150,000 Race harassment at an oil refinery

$150,000 Wrongful termination of social worker reporting patient abuse

$150,000 Mental disability & termination of CFO

$150,000 Cancer discrimination & wrongful termination of waitress

$150,000 Disability discrimination & termination

$150,000 Wrongful termination of C.N.A. in assisted living facility who blew whistle

$150,000 Job Termination of salesperson with cancer

$150,000 Settlement for failure to reinstate after maternity leave

$150,000 Cancer discrimination & termination of waitress Wrongful Termination of Site Manager

$150,000 Sexual harassment of an eight-teen year old restaurant worker

$150,000 Sexual harassment by a manager of an adult daycare program

$150,000 Job not held open during cancer treatment

$150,000 CNA complained about rats

$145,000 Settlement for an office manager whose Northridge employer would not allow her to take leave from work due to pregnancy

$140,000 Off-the-clock work, breach of contract to pay hourly wage to nurse

$140,000 Not Accommodated and Fired for Mental Disability Leave

$137,930 Robinson v. Mantra - Binding Arbitration Award in a Pregnancy Discriminations

$137,500 Failure to reinstate after FMLA

$135,000 Aerospace executive whistle blower

$130,000 Employee fired for refusing to falsify records in lawsuit

$127,500 Illegally required medical examination adversely affecting a disabled employee

$127,500 Wrongfully terminated driver who complained his truck was unsafe

$127,450 Improper inquiry about medical abilities

$125,000 Minor sexual harassment

$125,000 Sexual harassment at a fast food restaurant

$125,000 Sexual harassment of a drug counselor

$125,000 Pregnancy discrimination case & wrongful termination -

$125,000 Wrongful termination

$125,000 Wrongful termination & minor labor code violations

$125,000 Breach of contract, unpaid wages in the web industry

$125,000 For employee who quit after being misclassified and not receiving overtime.

$125,000 Pregnancy discrimination & termination

$125,000 Non-payment of wages to CEO

$125,000 Age discrimination during layoff

$125,000 High tech employer stopped paying the agreed to sum

$120,000 Unpaid wages for tow truck drivers

$120,000 Sexually harassed maintenance supervisor by another male

$120,000 Insurance professional terminated for taking California Family Care Leave (FMLA)

$120,000 Racial Discrimination of a warehouse worker

$120,000 Male on male sexual harassment Unpaid wages, overtime, labor code section 2699 penalties- arbitration award of over

$120,000 For race discrimination

$117,702 Disability discrimination, FMLA, and termination of $10.00 an hour employee in binding arbitration

$117,500 Pregnancy discrimination & termination ($24,000 loss of earnings)

$115,616 Signal Hill Hindu made fun of due to his religion

$115,000 Pregnancy discrimination & termination of customer service employee

$115,000 Sexual harassment of car saleswoman minor unpaid commissions

$115,000 Sexual harassment of car saleswoman & minor unpaid commissions

$112,023 Wrongful termination of social worker during trial

$110,000 (minor lost wages) Cancer discrimination & employment termination

$109,500 Unpaid prevailing wages for 2 employees of a small company

$107,500 Wrongfully terminated security manager who let his subordinates know they had rights to meal breaks

$105,500 Sexual harassment of a lesbian aerospace worker by a man who wanted to turn her straight

$105,000 Overtime due computer professional

$105,000 Fired After Depression Leave

$103,145 Refusal to accommodate pregnant warehouse worker

$102,500 Family Care Leave Act violations & termination ($20,000 loss of earnings)

$102,500 Sexual harassment of a janitor

$102,500 Sexual harassment of a waitress (no termination involved)

$101,500 Sexual harassment of a janitor

$100,850 Sexual harassment by restaurant manager

$100,000 Termination of Mechanic’s Employment in Violation of California Family Rights Act (California FMLA)

$100,000 Wrongful termination of ambulance driver who blew the whistle

$100,000 Fired Due to Age of FMLA Leave