For many years our sexual harassment lawyers have successfully represented men and women who were still employed by the same company where they were sexually harassed at work, but these employees chose to keep their jobs and sue for sexual harassment. If you chose to hire our winning legal team, our California sexual harassment lawyers will work with you and advise you whether you should keep your job and sue for sexual harassment, or whether there might be other alternatives.

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Decisions about whether to sue for sexual harassment, and remain employed may be based upon:

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  • Probable retaliation for complaining of sexual harassment or suing for sexual harassment
  • The physical size of the employer
  • The sophistication of the employer
  • Advice from a therapist treating the sexual harassment victim’s emotional injuries
  • The ability to find another equivalent job
  • Whether quitting and suing for sexual harassment is viable on a legal level
  • Who the harasser is and to what extent the victim of harassment must work with the harasser
  • The feasibility of the victim of sexual harassment or the harasser being transferred away from each other or being given different work shifts

Our sexual harassment attorneys have counseled clients on all of the above issues. We have also assisted many California clients resign from their jobs, due to sexual harassment, and still receive unemployment compensation.


Employers are strictly liable for the sexually harassing acts of a supervisor, manager, officer of the corporation, director, or the owner. This means it is possible to sue for sexual harassment if somebody in one of these positions committed sexual harassment, but the victim of sexual harassment chose not to inform others levels of management or human resources. For these reasons employees sometimes sue for sexual harassment by managers that has stopped by the time they sue. These cases are often brought while the employee is still employed. The reason for the delay in suing for sexual harassment might be the employee realized their level of stress increased, they were emotionally impacted by the acts of sexual harassment, and the way the harassment made them feel has not changed, or even makes the employee feel worse.

Sexual harassment is a personal violation. It is important clients be able to freely communicate with their sexual harassment lawyers. The victim of sexual harassment and their attorney need to discuss what is best for the employee who was sexually harassed. The best decisions about the proper course of action for any sexually harassed employee, let alone one who is still employed at the job where they were sexually harassed, are made after careful consultation and consideration between the client and an experienced sexual harassment attorney.


  • $797,712 Present Cash Value for Ontario Sexual Harassment by Manager
  • $610,000 for sexual harassment in a restaurant by the assistant manager and general manager
  • $568,480 Present Cash Value for Reseda Sexual Harassment by ManagerLawyer For Workplace Sexual Harassment
  • $373,265 Present Cash Value for El Monte Sexual Harassment by Supervisor
  • $295,609 Present Cash Value for Light Sexual Harassment by Manager
  • $289,462 Present Cash Value Camarillo Sexual Harassment Boss Touching and Comment Case Settlement
  • $260,000 for sexual harassment by a produce manager
  • $226,302 Present Cash Value for Sexual Harassment of a Sylmar Clerical Worker
  • $225,000 Panorama City Customer Sexual Harassment in 2014
  • $200,000 Van Nuys Executive Sexual Harassment in 2014
  • $183,540 Present Cash Value of Sexual Harassment of 18 Year Old Part-Time Worker
  • $176,757 Present Cash Value for Sexual Harassment of Sylmar Printing Employee
  • $165,000 Camarillo Sexual Harassment by Manager in 2014

Our sexual harassment lawyers have represented hundreds of men and women in workplace sexual harassment lawsuits. We understand the delicate issues pertaining to workplace violations of sexual harassment.

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