California employees have many legal rights.

Many claim California employee have more employment rights than employees in other states. Since 1993 our employee lawyers have utilized hundreds of employee laws to win court victories and settlements for the California workforce.

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Employee rights originate from California case law and California statutes. Since the 1990s our cases have helped form California employee rights law. Our employment lawyers are best able to advise whether your workplace wrong violates an employee right.


  1. The right for employment decisions not to be based upon age, color, disability, genetics, national origin, pregnancy, race, religion, sex, or sexual orientation, or to be harassed due to these protected characteristics
  2. The right for hourly employees to receive paystubs itemizing the hours they are being paid for, their rate of pay, informing them who their employer is, and breaking down all overtime and regular hours worked
  3. The right to receive leaves of absence due to disability, medical conditions such as cancer, or pregnancy if the employer has 5 or more employees
  4. The right to be on leaves of absence up to 12 weeks a year if the employee qualifies for Family Medical Leave rights known in California as CFRA Leave
  5. The right not to be sexually harassed at work
  6. The right to receive daily overtime and double time as nonexempt employees
  7. The right for nonexempt employees to receive relieved, uninterrupted half hour meal breaks and rest breaks
  8. The right to utilize the employer’s workers compensation benefits if injured at work
  9. The right to be reimbursed for reasonably incurred employment expenses
  10. The right to take time off from work for jury duty, military duty, to vote, and if the victim of domestic violence
  11. The right to receive all wages, commissions, and bonuses
  12. The right to receive minimum wage or the agreed to wage or salary
  13. The right not to be defrauded into accepting employment
  14. The right to make complaints about illegal, unsafe, or suspicious work practices whether the complaints are made internally to management or to an outside government agency
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Common sources of California employee rights laws include the Fair Employment and Housing Act (FEHA), and the California Labor Code. FEHA can be found beginning in California Government Code Section 12920

FEHA prohibits discrimination, harassment, and retaliation at work.

The California Labor Code:

  1. Sets forth many rules about when employees must be paid their wages, what wages they must be paid, and what penalties exist for the improper payment of wages
  2. Provides the rights for nonexempt employees to meal and rest breaks
  3. Contains provisions prohibiting employment fraud when an employee moves anywhere to take a job in California
  4. Includes serious anti-retaliation provisions for whistle blowers; found in California Labor Code Section 1102.5c.
  5. Workers compensation rights are found in the California Labor Code
  6. The rights to healthy and safe work environment are found in the California Labor Code
CA Employment Labor Code

Besides FEHA and the California Labor Code there are other statutory sources of employee rights. These include provisions prohibiting retaliation and termination of whistleblowing healthcare workers in the Health and Safety code, and laws allowing employees to be free from retaliation if complaining about false claims their employers are making to the government. And there are so many more.

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