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If you have been unjustly discriminated at work, harassed, or fired what you need to do is, Get an Employment Discrimination Lawyer. Our employment discrimination law firm was founded in 1993. On a contingency basis we have represented thousands of employees who have suffered from workplace discrimination. Employment discrimination is illegal, do not sit back and be a victim of discrimination!


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When firm founder, Karl Gerber began practicing employment discrimination law he was the only attorney representing employees the telephone books for major metropolitan locations such as Los Angeles, San Fernando Valley.

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Get An Employment Discrimination Lawyer

Today there are too many so-called employee discrimination lawyers. Few of these lawyers have the resources or knowledge to see an employment discrimination case through trial and appeal while advancing all necessary costs and waiting to be paid out of any proceeds obtained in the case.

Besides an employment discrimination law firm needing the resources to pursue a serious employment discrimination case on a contingency, they need the know-how. Some of the reasons why our employee discrimination lawyers are qualified to take on cases against the largest California employers include:

  • Inrecent years firm founder, Karl Gerber has tried many employment discrimination cases and won.
  • 3 Pregnancy Discrimination Jury Trials in the Last Few Years
  • Recent Three Week Disability Discrimination and FMLA Jury Trial
  • Recent $539,000 Win at Binding Disability Discrimination/FMLA Arbitration
  • Last Few Years, The Arbitration of 2 Separate Sexual Harassment Cases
  • Numerous Recent Won Arbitrations for Employees Including Pregnancy, Disability, Breach of Fiduciary Duty
  • Five Published Court of Appeals Decisions Last Three Years

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Besides our numerous court and arbitration successes mentioned above, we have been able to settle quite a few employment discrimination lawsuits prior to trial or arbitration.

Examples of Our Employee Discrimination Settlements Include:

  • $675,000 Sexual Harassment Settlement
  • $365,000 Pregnancy Discrimination Settlement
  • $225,000 Sexual Harassment Settlement
  • $200,000 Sexual Harassment Settlement
  • $200,000 National Origin Discrimination Settlement
  • $165,000 Disability Discrimination Settlement
  • $150,000 Race Discrimination Settlement
  • $137,500 Family Medical Leave Act Violation Settlement

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Karl Gerber

Firm founder, Karl Gerber is known as a top employee discrimination attorney. Recently the news organizations sought commentary on employment law. These news organizations include: Channel 17 Baker,fielcl, Daily Journal, Newsweek, 11w Recorder, Sacramento Bee, and the wall Street Journal. See current CV.

Discrimination lawyer, Karl Gerber, has also written more than 400 articles on employment and labor law.


After representing thousands of employees in workplace discrimination lawsuits in California, and the other states he is licensed, there are few employment defense lawyers who have not lost to Karl Gerber.

What Is Employment Discrimination?

  • The right for employment decisions not to be based upon age, color, disability, genetics, national origin, pregnancy, race, religion, sex, or sexual orientation, or to be harassed due to these protected characteristics
  • The right to receive leaves of absence due to disability, medical conditions such as cancer, or pregnancy if the employer has 5 or more employees
  • The right to be on leaves of absence up to 12 weeks a year if the employee qualifies for Family Medical Leave rights known in California as CFRA Leave
  • The right not to be sexually harassed at work
  • The right to make complaints about illegal, unsafe, or suspicious work practices whether the complaints are made internally to management or to an outside government agency

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