Long Beach Workers Compensation
Appeals Board Lawyer

The Long Beach Workers Compensation Appeals Board is located at:

300 Oceangate Drive Suite 200

Long Beach, California 90802

Going about the handling of a workers compensation claim on your own is a bad idea. Plain and simple, without an experienced workers compensation lawyer you will be screwed. Call our experienced Los Angeles Area workers compensation and labor lawyers at 1-877-525-0700 to:

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  1. Better understand how Workers Compensation Benefits are Calculated.
  2. Learn how your average weekly wages go into determining the amount you might receive for a workers compensation injury
  3. How Workers Compensation Benefits may be based on the occupation of a laborer of like age by applying a special schedule for the determination of total permanent disability
  4. Learn what the difference is between permanent disability and temporary disability in the workers compensation system
  5. Have a discrete, confidential attorney client privileged conversation about your work injury, or a workplace death including whether the employer must pay burial costs. It is an unfortunate fact, but some workers compensation claims involve the death of a worker

If you have any questions about a work injury, a workers compensation claim that is already on file, or might exist, please contact our office at 877-525-0700.

If you were terminated from your job due to a work injury that may be classified as a disability due to its long standing nature, or for which you were entitled to Family Medical Leave [CLICK HERE TO SEE INFORMATION ON HOW WE CAN REPRESENT YOU IN A CIVIL LAWSUIT].

Terminations of employment due to the exercise of your workers compensation rights may constitute what is referred to as a 132a penalty in the workers compensation system. Under Labor Code 132a an employer must pay penalties if they retaliated against you for filing a workers compensation case, seeking medical treatment, asking for medical treatment due to a work injury, or exercising any of your workers compensation rights.

Why you should hire a workers compensation lawyer:

  1. If you do not hire a workers compensation lawyer your employer’s workers compensation insurance carrier will screw you. They will see to it you receive the least amount of compensation possible.
  2. Your body is important. Why would you want to jeopardize your workers compensation benefits by trying to navigate the confusing workers compensation process and trying to represent yourself in a place you are not trained?
  3. Let’s be real. If you are not a lawyer you lack experience writing legal documents and presenting a case. Don’t treat your work injury like a $500.00 landlord tenant dispute.
  4. If you are not a workers compensation lawyer you do not know the rules for the workers compensation system. There are many statutes and cases that control how the workers compensation process works.
  5. By hiring a lawyer you may well end up getting better medical treatment from the right doctors. Your lawyer can also try to make sure you are evaluated by a neutral, fair doctor for the purpose of assessing the longevity and seriousness of your workers compensation injury
  6. A qualified lawyer can assess whether besides claims for workers Compensation you may also have claims for wrongful termination, disability discrimination, or violations of Family Medical Leave Act rights known as California Family Rights Leave Act (CFRA) in California.

We are taking calls from injured workers about workers compensation matters involving the Long Beach Workers Compensation Appeals Board, Marina Del Rey Workers Compensation Appeals Board, Los Angeles Workers Compensation Appeals Board, Van Nuys Workers Compensation Appeals Board, Pomona Workers Compensation Appeals Board, Oxnard Workers Compensation Appeals Board [CLICK HERE FOR INFORMATION ON OUR OXNARD OFFICE], Anaheim Workers Compensation Appeals Board, Santa Ana Workers Compensation Appeals Board [CLICK HERE FOR OUR ORANGE COUNTY WEBSITE], and Bakersfield Workers Compensation Appeals Board [CLICK HERE FOR OUR BAKERSFIELD OFFICE].

Please note the following zip codes pertain to the Long Beach Workers Compensation Appeals Board:

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Compton (90220), Compton (90221), Compton (90222), Compton (90223), Compton (90224), Downey (90240), Downey (90241), Downey (90242), Lynwood (90262), Palos Verdes Estates (90274), Rancho Palos Verdes (90275), South Gate (90280), South Gate (90289), Torrance (90501), Torrance (90502), Torrance (90503), Torrance (90504), Torrance (90505), Torrance (90506), Torrance (90507), Torrance (90508), Torrance (90509), Torrance (90510), Artesia (90701), Artesia (90702), Cerritos (90703), Avalon (90704), Bellflower (90706), Bellflower (90707), Los Angeles (90710), Lakewood (90711), Lakewood (90712), Lakewood (90713), Lakewood (90714), Lakewood (90715), Hawaiian Gardens (90716), Lomita (90717), Paramount (90723), San Pedro (90731), San Pedro (90732), San Pedro (90733), San Pedro (90734), Surfside (90743), Wilmington (90744), Carson (90745), Carson (90746), Carson (90747), Wilmington (90748), Carson (90749), Signal Hill (90755), Bellflower (90760), Long Beach (90803), Long Beach (90804), Long Beach (90805), Long Beach (90806), Long Beach (90807), Long Beach (90808), Long Beach (90809), Carson (90810), Long Beach (90813), Long Beach (90814), Long Beach (90815), Long Beach (90816), Long Beach (90822), Culver City (90830), Long Beach (90831), Long Beach (90832), Long Beach (90833), Long Beach (90834), Long Beach (90835), Long Beach (90840), Long Beach (90841), Long Beach (90842), Wilmington (90844), Long Beach (90845), Long Beach (90846), Long Beach (90847), Long Beach (90848), Long Beach (90853) Call 1-877-525-0700 to speak to a Los Angeles County workers compensation lawyer and labor lawyer. We meet workers compensation clients in many different locations in Los Angeles. Depending on the nature of your work injury, we may even be willing to meet you at your house, apartment, the hospital, or a nursing home.