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Do not screw around trying to negotiate with your employer not getting anywhere, setting the stage for a small settlement later, or even worse settling for a pittance. Do not wait for your employment to either not pay you, pay you part of your wages, or screw you out of your wages. Do not go through the Labor Board unless you are owed a small sum by your employer, or your employer does not have the money to pay you. Do it right, hire an experienced wage claim lawyer.

should I sue for unpaid hours

Waiting to take action for unpaid wages may cause statutes of limitation to lapse. In the typical unpaid wage case there are several different statutes of limitations. Some of the statutes of limitations for penalties in the unpaid wage context are only one year. However, you can sue for unpaid wages not including the penalties for a much longer period of time. Waiting to sue when your employer does not pay may lead to loss of recollections, or the destruction of payroll records. Although employers are required to keep payroll records for a prescribed period of time many do not. Wage claim lawyers often prove the employee’s cases through schedules. Schedules are not necessarily kept by employers for years. Nor are text messages and proof that the employee was working when perhaps they were not on the clock.



Wage claim lawyers should take your case on a contingency basis if your employer is collectible and they feel they can prove your case. Let the wage claim lawyer decide if your case has merit legally and it can be proven. It is unlikely a lay person would be able to prove a wage claim case of any complexity, nor would they properly determine the full amount of penalties and damages. Even experienced wage claim lawyers need to use statisticians and persons regularly experienced adding up and interpreting large amounts of data. If you do not understand why this is one of many examples of why a lay person really cannot go it by them self and try to prove their wage claim case. An experienced wage claim lawyer may have dealt with a similar situation. If your wage claim case is won in arbitration or court a wage claim lawyer can usually make a motion for the other side to pay their attorney fees. If they are awarded sufficient attorney fees their retainer agreement may state they will not charge you a percent. Wage claim lawyers also advance the costs associated with the case involving unpaid wages at work. If your case is won in arbitration or trial it is likely that most of the costs reasonably incurred by the wage claim lawyers for the employees will be ordered to be paid by the employer.

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Unpaid hours are the crux of many cases for unpaid wages. However, wage claim cases are also about unpaid bonuses, commissions, controlled standby claims https://worklawyerca.com/controlled-standbyon-call-pay-8-examples-used-to-describe-an-employee-on-call/, meal breaks, overtime (including overtime that includes fixed rate bonus pay), rest breaks, and prevailing wages amongst other wages. Besides the unpaid wages owed to the employee, penalties and interest can be substantial. It is not uncommon for the penalties in a wage claim lawsuit to equal 1/3 or more of the damage. Nonetheless, unpaid hours are a reason to seek out of a law firm with considerable experience in collecting unpaid wages.

Unpaid hours may exist because there was off-the-clock work. Off-the-clock work occurs when a nonexempt employee’s time is not properly documented. Not properly documented includes employees who are physically clocked out of a time keeping system but their management knows they continue to work. It also includes time that for whatever reason is simply not paid. For example, non-exempt employees driving a company vehicle to and from the first work site of the day should most likely to be paid for the drive especially if it is a far drive out of town.

Unpaid hours also include employees who are classified as exempt, are not allowed meal breaks, and work through the meal breaks even though they are really nonexempt employees. Case law allows an employee to elect between receiving the amount of pay for the time they were not really on a meal break, or one hour of pay.

The experienced wage lawyers at the Employment Lawyers Group are experienced in proving all sorts of devious schemes in which employees end up having unpaid wages. Try to explain the situation as simply as possible. If you can’t a skilled wage lawyer may be able to. Many situations in which employees are cheated out of hours are complex. The error may occur in a computer program, or a wrongful assumption about California labor law.

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