Employee law refers to various workplace laws which establish California employee rights. If you are an employee trying to find out what your workplace rights are it is important that you ask an employee attorney what their interpretation is of California employee law opposed to an attorney who represents employers.

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For over twenty years our employee rights attorneys have represented employees, and not employers, in all parts of California. We only represent employees and we never charge wronged employees anything up front. Let us be your employee lawyer.

Where can employee laws be found? Employee laws are found in several different statutory schemes. Employee laws are also found in case law. Approximately one or two California employment cases are published, every week day, establishing and refining the meaning of California employee laws. Due to the massive volume of California employee laws only an attorney who exclusively practices employment law without any other practice areas can properly advise an employee what rights they have under California employment laws.

We suggest employees refrain from doing their own research and trying to find out what rights are under California employment law. The practice area is too complicated. One legal principal cannot be understood without the benefit of understanding other statutory terms, legal principals, and being aware of other California employment cases.

Major employee laws include:

  1. Fair Employment and Housing Act (FEHA) located at California Government Code Section 12920 onward. There are more than 28 pages of defense statutory text in this act and thousands of decided cases interpreting FEHA.
  2. Thousands of California Labor Code Sections totaling more than 872 pages of statutory text and tens of thousands, if not more, cases interpreting the California Labor Code
  3. Title VII (A Federal version of FEHA which employee lawyers try not to use because it is less favorable than California law)
  4. Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) which is less favorable than California law, but some California labor determinations are based upon
  5. Federal ADA, ADEA (There are tens of thousands of cases under these Federal Employment laws)
  6. 10,000 or more important California cases
  7. 500 or more important Federal cases


Employee attorneys should only represent employees. Few employees recently fired from their job, owed wages, or victims of workplace harassment can afford to pay an experienced employee lawyer $350.00-$600.00 an hour. Therefore, we represent all employees on a contingency basis. This means we take a percent based upon what we can collect from your employer. This also means that if you allow us to do our job and your case does not turn out favorably for you, you do not owe a large legal fee you must pay from your own funds. The percent we earn never changes. We get the same percent if we recover $20,000, or $500,000. Typically, the hourly fee we end up earning on a contingency never equals fees in the range of $350-$475 an hour which you would have to pay in order to hire a lawyer capable of fighting an employee lawsuit. Hire us and you get experienced employee attorney for less money per hour than it would cost to hire a plumber!

Depending on the type of employment issue, and what statutory scheme it falls under, we may be able to make the opposing side pay our attorney fees if we win through an actual arbitration or trial. This is a motivator for our employee lawyers to take your case to the highest level and not settle for cheap.

Hire our employee attorneys and you are hiring a team of experienced employment attorneys, support staff, and a firm founder who has actually won 45/46 of the binding arbitrations and jury trials he has first-chaired.


Employment law cases in California often centers around the following types of legal issues:

Use an employee lawyer to find out what employee law in California is; call 1-877-525-0700. We have handled more than 2,000 separate employee lawsuits. We know the ins and outs. Somebody who represents employers sometimes, car accident victims, persons in divorces, and causes unrelated to employee law cannot provide the top legal representation we can.


Firm Founder, Karl Gerber, has been representing employees since an earlier time in Los Angeles employment law. In 1993 Karl Gerber found himself the only employment attorney in the San Fernando Valley phone books as well as the Los Angeles phone books. He has watched Los Angeles employment law develop. job lawyer los angeles

Our Los Angeles employment lawyers have successfully fought most of the Los Angeles lawyers who represent employers. We know the ins and outs of who will defend an employee lawsuit. We know who will try employment cases and who will not.

Today, employment law in Los Angeles is defended by large firm lawyers who charge outrageous fees by the hour and employment defense lawyers hired by insurance companies. Our firm knows the differences in these opposing employer lawyers. We not only stand up to sophisticated Los Angeles employment lawyers from the big firms, but we crush them! We are respected by the Los Angeles employment defense bar. Our reputation includes we do a lot of work for our clients, are not afraid to try or arbitrate the cases, we are capable of handling employment appeals, Karl Gerber does not lose, and the company we are suing will get a run for their money.


  • $300,000 for sexual harassment by numerous employeesLawyer For Workplace Sexual Harassment
  • $225,000 sexual harassment by Panorama City store customers
  • $200,000 sexual harassment by a Van Nuys CEO
  • $153,000 sexual harassment of a Lake Sherwood office worker
  • $150,000 pregnancy discrimination settlement (only $25,000-$50,000 in lost wages)
  • $200,000 for race discrimination of two Latinos in Los Angeles
  • $137,500 failure to reinstate a bank employee after CFRA/FMLA leave
  • $135,000 for wrongful termination of a Riverside employee with a mental disability
  • $120,000 for race discrimination of blacks in Bakersfield
  • $100,000 for a whistle blower in the Inland Empire
  • $100,000 for a long-term employee laid off after a short medical leave
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