All of our employee attorneys have been licensed to practice employment law for in excess of ten years. On average, our Los Angeles employee lawyers have practiced law for sixteen years. Firm founder, Karl Gerber, has been an employment attorney since 1993. The rest of our employee lawyers have either exclusively represented employees, for the entire duration of their careers, or for more than ten years.

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You can expect the following types of services from our employee attorneys:

  1. We prepare and file all employment lawsuits in Superior Court, Federal Court, or initiate binding arbitration if you signed an agreement for your employer to arbitrate all disputes with you. Before doing so we exhaust administrative remedies with government organizations such as the Department of Fair Housing and Employment or Department of Labor Standards Enforcement (the Labor Board/Commission to the public).
  2. We conduct discovery into your job harassment, discrimination at work, wrongful termination, or your employer’s failure to properly pay you wages. This means we serve your employer with document demands, special interrogatories (questions), we subpoena third-party witnesses, and notice the depositions of witnesses still employed by your attorney. We also defend our employee clients when the defense lawyer deposes them.
  3. We file and respond to all necessary court motions, and we do a good job. Besides keeping updated on California employment law, previously we have dealt with most issues that come up in a California employee lawsuit. Our brief bank is immense. Firm founder, Karl Gerber, has written over 400 articles on employment law, three novels, and a number of winning appellate briefs. He personally edits all briefs he does not write himself.
  4. We conduct considerable legal research into your employment case. Besides having a hard print library of California cases, codes, and a variety of practice books that cost our firm many thousands of dollars a month, we read most conceivable daily and monthly updates on every new California employment case, development, and statute. We also subscribe to Westlaw which provides us with online access to all California and Federal Law as well as many treatises on law.
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  5. We evaluate our employment cases. Firm founder, Karl Gerber, reviews all files in this evaluation process. In case meetings with our firm attorneys, he and the firm lawyer discuss the case and look at all necessary documents. Commonly, Karl Gerber also takes the depositions in the cases and attends the case mediations. In this evaluation process along with the consent our of clients we determine if the employee lawsuit should be settled, when, and for how much.
  6. We write mediation and/or settlement conference briefs and then attend the mediations or settlement conferences.
  7. If the case does not settle we prepare the case for trial. This involves filing witness lists, motions in limine, serving subpoenas, demanding witnesses employed by the employer appear, making outlines for questions to ask, preparing trial notebooks, exhibit books, writing opening statements, and spending significant time preparing our client for their trial testimony.

Throughout the process we strategize with our clients. While we prefer in-person meetings with our clients, or telephone calls, there may also be e-mail communications. We typically form long lasting relationships with our clients while helping them through difficult times.

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While many of our employee lawsuits involve a wrongful job termination, we also handle cases involving straight harassment at work, discrimination, or unpaid wages. The damages for these different types of employment wrongs involve damages for emotional suffering if there is a job termination, discrimination, or harassment. Past and future lost wages are sought for unlawful job terminations, but may also be sought for debilitating harassment or discrimination at work.

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Cases involving unpaid bonuses, commissions, minimum wage, overtime, prevailing wage, or rest breaks may involve statutory damages. Statutory damages include penalties for late payments, or non-payment of wages. They also include the rate of pay

Cases involving unpaid bonuses, commissions, minimum wage, overtime, prevailing wage, or rest breaks may involve statutory damages. Statutory damages include penalties for late payments, or non-payment of wages. They also include the rate of pay at double time or overtime. Other unpaid wage cases such as unpaid bonuses or commissions may involve an employment contract.

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Our firm has represented more than 500 different men and women in sexual harassment lawsuits against their employers. Our successes have been many. We have won sexual harassment arbitrations, appeals concerning sexual harassment, and settled many sexual harassment lawsuits for large sums of money.


Some of our sexual harassment settlements include:

Lawyer For Workplace Sexual Harassment


$675,000 for sexual harassment in a warehouse
$465,000 for sexual harassment at a gas station
$315,000 for sexual harassment at a pizza restaurant
$270,000 for sexual harassment at supermarket
$225,000 for sexual harassment by a customer
$200,000 for sexual harassment by a CEO


Discrimination hurts. It causes emotional injury, the loss of productivity, and dignity. Common employment discrimination takes the form of:

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