Race Discrimination Law

The nuances of what the public may refer to as race discrimination includes national origin discrimination, ethnicity discrimination, and ancestry discrimination as separately prohibited in the workplace under the California Fair Employment and Housing Act. The history of race discrimination in Los Angeles is extensive, and was not limited to only one group. However, Blacks, Chinese, Jews, and Latinos suffered horrific acts of hatred and housing discrimination. It is important to understand the history of localized discrimination. Today Los Angeles is ethnically diverse, but tensions run high and the workplace is not free to discrimination.


As Employment Discrimination Lawyers we cover issues pertaining to race and segregation in Los Angeles. Firm Founder, Karl Gerber wrote an article and made a video about the history of jazz in Los Angeles. The project covers how the Los Angeles jazz scene began breaking down racial segregation during the 1920s, and can be viewed at: https://youtu.be/THyt1h2FznI Obviously, employers cannot fire employees due to race, ancestry, ethnicity, nor national origin. Proving that a job discrimination is the rest of these things can often be much more difficult.

Proving Ethnicity, Ancestry, National Origin, and Racial Discrimination

Direct evidence of discrimination includes racial epithets, derogatory comments, inappropriate remarks, and direct comments exposing hatred due to these immutable characteristics. These types of awful remarks can also be sued for as harassment on the basis of race, national origin, ancestry, or ethnicity. Sometimes, the emotional distress endured by having such remarks made create more damage than one’s lost wages especially if they promptly find a new job.

Indirect evidence is another way to prove discrimination in the workplace. A test called the, “McDonnell Douglas Test” is a legal test used prior to trial to indirectly prove discrimination in employment.

Recently, there have been a lot of discussions about micro aggressions and gas lighting. It may be that in the years to come the judiciary more fully understands micro aggressions. Micro aggressions are quite subtle, yet express discriminatory animus. Discriminatory animus is hatred towards an immutable characteristic. If discriminatory animus does in fact exist the case is capable of being won. Lawyers are presently trying to help the court system understand that inflections in one’s voice, and the treatment of a few words or pronouns have meaning in understanding the intent of the speaker.

Pretext is another important concept in the proof of workplace discrimination. Reasons for a job termination that do not make any sense coupled with indirect or direct evidence of discrimination may well prove that the real reason for the job termination was discriminatory.

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