Meal Break Lawyer In Los Angeles

Employees who are paid by the hour, or are otherwise referred to as, "Non-Exempt" employees are entitled to a 30 minute meal break before their 5th hour of work. Employers who require employees to record meal breaks they did not receive are violating California labor law. The meal breaks must be uninterrupted, and the employee must be free to leave the employer's premises. Please contact us at 323-525-1600 if you need to sue for unpaid meal breaks or any issue against a private employer. Unfortunately we do not sue the government if they are your employer.


In recent years, we have succeeded in meal break cases where:

  • There is evidence the employee worked through the meal break such as work records
  • The employee did not fill out her/his/their own timesheets
  • The time sheets do not reflect any meal breaks were taken
  • The time sheets reflect meal breaks taken after the 5th hour of work
  • The time sheets reflect meal breaks taken of less than 30 minutes
  • The employee is required to answer their phone when on a meal break
  • The conditions of the job prevent a meal break (only person at a store, cannot stop work)

Lunch Break Law Violation Settlements

Our law firm has obtained the following recent results for employees in missed meal break cases. Many of these cases involved multiple employees:

  • $875,000 for missed meal breaks for 4 employees and other wage issus
  • $800,000 for missed meal breaks for emergency service workers
  • $775,000 missed meal breaks for care givers
  • $750,000 missed meal breaks for janitors
  • $400,000 won arbitration for phlebotomists who missed meal breaks
  • $300,000 for a few oil field service workers who missed meal breaks
  • $250,000 2 oil field service workers whose meal breaks were not properly recorded

These results are not a guarantee nor prediction of the results that may be obtained in your case The value of a meal break case depends on how many meal breaks were missed and the employee’s hourly pay. The next question, for settlement, is how likely will the employee win the case. If it is unlikely the employer can win obviously the case will settle for more than in a case in which it is questionable.

Call our office and determine if you can sue for missed meal breaks 323-525-1600. Sue for meal break violations and interrupted meal breaks.