Yamashiro Restaurant Hollywood

Yamashiro Restaurant Los Angeles

You guessed it, it's Yamashiro Restaurant in Hollywood California by the Magic Castle. Today a place for tourists, and to Sushi connoisseurs, overpriced second rate sushi.
The Bernheimer brothers were wealthy importers of Oriental antiques. They began construction in 1911 and finished in 1914. Hundreds of craftsmen were brought from the Orient to recreate the replica of a palace located in the, “Yamashiro” province mountains near Kyoto, Japan.
They also had a similar exquisite Japanese style home in Pacific Palisades that remained available for lodging decades after their deaths.
The Bernheimer Hollywood mansion became home to the, "400 Club" after Mr. Bernheimer died during the early 1920s. The 400 Club was a private club for Hollywood's elite during the Golden Age of Hollywood. Starving actresses were allegedly available for the night during the roaring twenties.
Yamashiro remains one of the most interesting forms of architecture in Los Angeles, and does not look a day older than ten.