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What to do if your employer does not pay you? Our article about unpaid hours can be found at: Click Here It is terrible when you have worked hard for an employer who does not pay you. There are remedies. It is our job to get you the compensation you deserve if your employer has not paid you. Give our law firm a chance. We've been helping employees since 1993.

Common wage and hour issues for construction workers include:

  • Somebody else fills out the worker’s time sheet
  • Work injuries that prevent the worker from continuing on in the field
  • Unreimbursed mileage
  • Not paid for all hours worked (estimated time sheets)
  • Overtime not paid
  • Meal breaks not permitted due to the nature of the job, deliveries
  • Rest breaks not permitted the first 4 hours of work
  • Not paid twice minimum wage and must use your tools for work
  • Mileage not reimbursed for
  • Cell phones not reimbursed
  • Not reimbursed for travel expenses (hotels, food)
  • Not reimbursed for supplies purchased
  • Wrongful termination
  • Sexual harassment
  • Discriminatory name calling

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Need a lawyer to sue work? We've represented employees since 1993. Job loss cases, unpaid wages, gender harassment, LGBT issues, work injuries, breaches of employment contracts. We represent individuals, groups of employees, and employees for class actions. Experienced here, serious.

Construction Worker Law

Because the firm head of the Employment Lawyers Group has worked in ground-up construction and drastic remodels since the 1990s, he understands the workplace violations that occur. Whether you are a drywaller, drywall finisher, framer, electrician, plumber, concrete finisher, rebar technician, finish carpenter, painter, stucco man, floorer, ornamental metal worker, mason, trencher, earth worker, grader, landscaper, or steel worker he has supervised the trade, and done most of these himself. The other side’s lawyer won’t blow us away with technical jargon.

Construction work is exceptionally difficult. It is terrible when workers rights have been violated, give us a call at 877-525-0700 if you are anywhere in California.

Out of all of the trades Karl Gerber, Esq. has worked concrete is his favorite trade. From caissons to foundations to poured in place structures to flat work and driveways he has done it and all of the prep work. Nowadays, the drivers of concrete trucks must be paid prevailing wage.

Wage Order 16 is the particular wage order that governs employees in construction. Under Wage Order 16 construction workers who have to use their own tools to perform their job must be paid minimum wage. The other interesting difference in Wage Order 16 and some of the other wage orders governing different types of job is many employers argue reporting time pay means reporting to the construction site. We take some issue with this because many supervisors spend a lot of time at home, or on their way to work, making sure materials are ordered and fielding delivery questions.

We represent all types of employees, and have done so since 1993. If you are owed wages, have a claim for harassment, assault, or wrongful termination we've been here for you longer than our competition. Honest, serious.

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Do You Get A 15 Minute Rest Break For Working 4 Hours?

Look smart, don’t talk about 15-minute rest breaks. Unless you are in a union and a 15-minute rest break has been negotiated, there is no such thing as a 15-minute rest break under California law. Rest breaks at 10 minutes. Ordinarily, one is due before lunch and another is due after lunch. Thus, a rest break is due every 4 hours. However, truck drivers using a DOT license to drive outside of a short radius are not entitled to California meal or rest breaks.

Drivers who drive trucks that do no require a commercial truck driving license are entitled to meal or rest breaks under California law. DOT truck drivers are entitled to the rest breaks offered under the Federal Motor Carrier Act. This is unfortunate, but it is the law. The same is true for overtime;

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