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If you feel as though your employment rights were violated in your workplace (or former workplace if you were recently terminated), a job lawyer can ensure the protection of your rights. For qualifying and substantiated cases, a job lawyer will be able to use his or her knowledge of the complex and constantly-evolving employment laws in order to advocate for you in ways you would likely never be able to advocate for yourself. You may be unsure if your employer is in violation of public policy (in violation of statutes effecting society at large), and are hesitantly seeking a lawyer.

For work-related issues, securing the representation of a job lawyer, and being able to provide documentation of your claims, is often crucial for having a successful outcome in negotiations and litigations. However, our experienced job lawyers are adept in proving employee lawsuits based upon oral testimony while impeaching the employer’s witnesses.

Common cases against an employer requiring a job lawyer may involve: wrongful termination, discrimination, sexual harassment, retaliation, work-related injuries or illnesses, unpaid wages, denial of medical or family leave, and breach of contract.


Consider the following questions:

  • Have you have recently been terminated from your place of employment and are concerned it was wrongful?

  • Were you retaliated against or terminated for reporting illegal activity your employer was involved in?

  • Were you terminated after being injured at work, or after filing a workers’ compensation claim?

  • Were you terminated outside of the boundaries of a written or implied contract with your employer?

The process of finding a work attorney, or even deciding if you need one, can be understandingly daunting and intimidating. If any of the above questions are applicable to a situation you are currently facing, feel free to contact a work lawyer immediately.



  • Are you being harassed at work due to your age, sex, sexual orientation, disability, nation of origin, or religion?

  • Have you been the victim of sexual harassment at work? Have you complained to your employer about the harassment only to be retaliated against or has the harassment continued?
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  • Have you been discriminated against by an employer or co-worker because of your race? Did you report the discrimination, but it continued?

  • Are you currently pregnant and have been harassed, demoted, or terminated for taking the maternity leave or pregnancy related medical accomodations you are entitled?

  • Are you suffering with or recovering from cancer or another serious medical condition and have been discriminated against or terminated by your employer?

  • Were you denied your rights under FMLA (Family and Medical Leave Act) or CFRA (California Family Rights Act)?

  • Does your pregnancy or medical condition require work modifications or restrictions mandated by a doctor that your employer is refusing to accommodate?

  • Were you injured at work, physically, due to a stress-related illness, or other work-related illness, and are currently seeking a workers’ compensation attorney or wondering whether your work injury may be protected as a disability or serious medical condition under FMLA?


  • Are you owed wages by your employer in the form of unpaid salary, overtime, bonuses, or stolen wages?

  • Do you believe you are a misclassified employee and owed back wages?

  • Are you been paid less than the legal minimum wage?

  • Is your employer denying you meal breaks or rest periods?

We have recovered large amounts of money on behalf of groups of employees who have sued. We have also recovered money for classes of employees suing for unpaid wages in class actions, and individual employees suing for wages.